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CMR 6100 C3半主動式溫度讀取器並附有無線通訊功能 / 0
首部C1G3 RFID Reader適雨土於車機, 可進行無線通訊
  • The Intelleflex CMR-6100 cellular multi-protocol RFID reader combines unsurpassed read / write reliability and performance in difficult to read environments with GSM, GPRS and SMS cellular services and GPS connectivity for easy deployments at remote or mobile worksites and at locations where access to network or power infrastructure is not available. Built with Intelleflex XC3 Technology®, the CMR-6100 reader's advanced design provides backward compatibility with EPCglobal C1G2 certified tags with the maximum allowed 1 watt transmit power, and more than 10X range extension to greater than 100 meters using the Manchester-encoded Battery Assisted Passive RFID (BAP) protocol extensions in the ISO / IEC 18000-6:2010 standard. 

    The CMR-6100 supports up to two bistatic antenna pairs for flexible installation. It is designed in a low profile form factor with built-in mounting holes for easy installation on walls or other surfaces. The system can operate with unregulated power sources from 10.5 V to 28 V DC. It includes an additional power input that can be used as a backup source, such as via an automobile battery. 

    The CMR-6100 supports the complete line of Intelleflex Extended Capability RFID tags and is ideally suited for a variety of supply chain, personnel and asset management applications.