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HMR 9090 with C3手持式溫度感測器(RFID) / 0
MC9090 多加了一片由Intellex的PCMIA卡, 使其可以讀取C3 半主動式溫度Tag, 也可以讀取C1G2的標準Tag, 且讀取距離更佳
  • The Intelleflex HMR-9090 multi-protocol handheld RFID reader delivers superior performance and read/write reliability for a wealth of mobile applications. The HMR-9090 is built with Intelleflex XC3 Technology and supports ISO 18000-6.1 C Class 3 and EPCglobal C1G2 industry standards. It delivers the ability to read/write in RF-challenging environments including metals, liquids and inside packaging and containers. 

    With the HMR-9090, your mobile workers have a comprehensive on-demand data capture solution that delivers real-time connectivity for mission business applications in warehouses and loading docks, as well as worksite or in-transit environments. With the HMR-9090 and Intelleflex Extended Capability RFID™ tags, you can reliably read and monitor temperature and conditions inside pallets of perishable foods or pharmaceutical packaging – without unpacking or opening the container.

    • Perishable food producers, packers, shippers and retailers can easily and cost-effectively track and monitor the temperature of produce on-demand to maximize shelf life and improve quality.
    • Pharmaceutical and biologics companies can monitor the temperature inside packaging and containers in-transit every step of the way between the factory and the customer to ensure product integrity, efficacy and quality.
    • Construction, harvesting and shipping companies can easily monitor assets and products in the field.

    Intelleflex also offers an upgrade for the Motorola 9090 that enables it to support both C1C2 passive tags and Intelleflex XC3 Technology tags. Please contact Intelleflex for more information.