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TMT-8500 半主動式溫度Tag (可用於航空器材用) / 0
Intelleflex 的代表作品, 同時可以有溫度記錄, 又可以有C!G2的功能及C3
  • The Intelleflex TMT-8500 Temperature Monitoring Tag is an XC3 Technology RFID® tag that combines high sensitivity temperature sensing functionality with ISO standards-based RFID wireless communications. The tag can store up to 3,600 temperature samples in the sensor memory which is user configurable for intervals from one (1) minute to five (5) days. This combined functionality provides market leading visibility, efficiency and improved ROI for perishable foods and pharmaceutical cold chain management by enabling solutions that leverage the benefits of RFID (including real time data access, long range reads, and autonomous data collection with no line of sight restriction) without impacting existing business processes. 

    The TMT 8500 is based on the ISO 18000-6.1 and EPCglobal C1G2 protocols, with extended memory (60kbits) for data storage, and a microcontroller temperature sensing application. Support for the ISO and EPCglobal protocols enables the TMT 8500 to provide extended RFID capabilities including enhanced read/write sensitivity equating to read ranges in excess of 100 meters, superior battery power management and the full functionality and configurability of a microcontroller-based temperature sensing application.